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    UAV Services

    The world of traditional surveying is facing an imminent regenisis.  No longer do you need to settle for hundreds of survey points acquired in a day when you can have 100 million.  Today’s UAVs can produce millions of data points at survey grade accuracy.  Not only is the data accurate but it is processed and ready for use faster than conventional methods, sometimes within 24 hours of the flight.

    We have FAA licensed 107 pilots and we are fully insured.  With our experience in the solid waste industry combined with our talent to think outside the box provides us with the ability to create a valuable and unique experience for our clients.

    Below is a list of services that we can perform for you with our UAS services group:

    • Orthomosaic
    • 3D Imagery
    • Topographic Maps
    • Volumetric Analysis
    • Workface Survey
    • Surface Movement Analysis

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