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MCC offers a Wide Range of Services to Monitor your Site

Landfill Gas Collection System Monitoring

Extraction of well gas measurements –

utilizing Envision Gas Analyzer and gas chromatographs.

Extraction of well liquid levels

CO Monitoring

Flare Station Monitoring

Remote Telemetry Systems

Data Graph – Download and data management



Pump System Monitoring

Remote Telemetry Systems

Inspection and Troubleshooting

Repair and Replacement



Surface Emissions Monitoring

NSPS Surface Emission Monitoring

Rescan events

Odor control scans

Mechanical component leak check

Pipeline surface scans

Passive Vent Monitoring

Gas quality

Vent repairs and installation

Combustible Gas Monitors

Install, calibrate and maintain building explosive gas monitors


MCC will Balance your Landfill Emissions to Produce Results

Extraction System & Individual Wellhead Balancing

Adjustment of extraction systems for High BTU projects

Adjustment of extraction systems for Medium BTU projects

Adjustment of extraction systems for NSPS/EG facilities


Migration Control

Balancing wellfields and out of refuse control systems to

minimize and/or remediate subsurface migration

Troubleshooting and inspecting existing collection systems to help identify collection efficiency


Subsurface Oxidation

Determine if subsurface oxidation is occurring

Determine extent of subsurface oxidation

Determine source of air intrusions or causes of sub‐surface oxidation

Control wellfield to protect unaffected areas and to remediate problematic areas

Surface Emissions

Inspect cover systems per NSPS requirements

Work with facility managers to provide adequate cover to

control odors and emission exceedances


MCC will Compile all your Data to Industry Standard Specifications

Monthly Reporting

Operational reports

Maintenance reports


Data Management

Data Integrity Management

Data verification

Variance requests

Gas Data Mapping

Graphical representation of gas qualities and other extraction well performance criteria

Data trending

Presentation materials for public meetings and proceedings

NSPS/EG Compliance

NSPS/EG annual and semi‐annual reporting

SSM reporting



Title V Compliance

Quarterly, semi‐annual and annual reporting

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